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Who is the
Skate for everyone?

Skate for Everyone is a school that seeks to develop practitioners in a fun, creative and evolutionary way. Always respecting the process and seeking the best method of teaching our students. 

The school has existed for 4 years, founded in 2019 by Tomas Borges.


​ We are a team of 7 people in all.


​ We currently have: 3 teachers in the field (Eduardo Magalhães, Geovane Lemos, Afonso Marto) trained and prepared for classes. 


In addition to:


Our dear Francisca (kika) at the back office. (you can contact her for any questions)


Our dear Diogo (Filho) in finance. 


Our friend Rodrigo on social media.


Together we have already taught and helped several students of all ages, so that they can increasingly be present in this world of skateboarding, by itself. And increasingly free to develop their performance on top of the skateboard, leaving them more confident and prepared for this journey that has no end. 


Come and get to know us better, and take an experimental class with us.

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